Nippon Mining and Metals developed the N-Chlo process for copper, nickel and cobalt recovery from mixed sulphides. A pilot plant was developed in Canning Vale, Western Australia, to test the process and improve product yield. SG Controls have been extensively involved with developing and supporting the control systems for this plant, including PLC, SCADA and Historian development, and support. Ongoing involvement included control systems upgrades and support during shutdowns and plant optimisation works up until decommissioning in June 2014.

Products used

  • Rockwell ControlLogix 5000
  • Rockwell FTView Server SE
  • Rockwell FT Historian SE


  • The N-Chlo Process technology has been developed by Nippon Mining & Metals based on their chloride leaching technology and solvent extraction technology accumulated through their wide range of nonferrous metal processing operations, including copper slime processing and hydro-metallurgical nickel-cobalt recovery from mixed sulphide
  • The characteristic feature of the Process is that it enables effective recovery of copper as well as precious metals such as gold from low-grade copper concentrates
  • The process enables effective recovery of copper, gold and silver from copper concentrates whose grade is even as low as 20%.
  • The copper grade is normally around 30%
  • N-Chlo Process could realize the development of low-grade copper mines and the operation enhancement of existent copper mines


  • Cu production of 100 tons per year

Products Handled

  • Copper, Gold.

Scope of works

  • Electrical design and commissioning of 11 process control panels
  • Design, development and commissioning of control system
  • Electrical, instrumentation and controls management and commission

Our involvement

  • Ongoing Remote Site Support and Onsite Plant Shutdowns
  • Remote support of Rockwell PLCs, SCADA and Historian
  • On site presence for plant maintenance shutdowns

Plant upgrades during plant shutdowns

  • PLC/SCADA/Historian changes as required