The existing facilities at Cape Lambert were recently expanded with the addition of a new Port and stockyard next to the existing one. SG Controls were engaged to support development, then commission the anti collision system (ACS), stockpile management system (SMS), Collision Avoidance and Optimisation system (CAOS) and Quality Management system (QMS) in use for the mobile machines in the stockyard and wharf. These systems allow for safe, autonomous control of the machines in the stockyard whilst also maximising equipment productivity.

Following completion of the control system commissioning for the recently upgraded Cape Lambert Port B (CLPB) facilities, SG Controls is currently supporting work to upgrade the original Cape Lambert Port A (CLPA) control system to incorporate the improved Anti Collision System (ACS) and Stockpile Management System (SMS) proved at CLPB into the existing site systems. In addition, this project also includes a roll out of the new Quality Management System to monitor ore quality in the stockpiles at both Ports A and B.


  • Greenfields development as a 50Mtpa expansion of nearby port facilities
  • Land owned and port operated by Rio Tinto
  • First of two stages for site expansion, with the next to begin immediately following completion of the first
  • Second stage will add 50Mtpa capacity


  • First stage rated for 50Mtpa
  • Second stage to increase capacity by 50Mtpa
  • 2 car dumper facilities, servicing up to 12 trains per day
  • Stockyard capacity of 2.4 million

Products Handled

  • Iron Ore fines and lump

Scope of works

  • Establishment of new iron of stockyard with ship loading capabilities
  • Construction and commissioning of 2 car dumpers, 2 stackers, 2 reclaimers, 1 shiploader, 1 screenhouse and all associated conveyors and transfers
  • Construction of rail facilities, 3 stockpile canyons, EPCM facilities and all required site access roads
  • Wharf with sea floor dredging and MSIC facilities
  • Site communications infrastructure

Our involvement

  • Perth based configuration and testing of site Anti-Collision system (ACS), Stockpile Management system (SMS), Collision Avoidance and Optimisation system (CAOS) and Quality Management system (QMS)
  • Site control system hardware installation, commissioning and testing
  • Integration between managed control systems and external control
  • ACS, SMS, CAOS and QMS commissioning of stockyard with 2 stackers, 2 reclaimers and 1 shiploader
  • Site Commissioning supervision and roster scheduling
  • Performance monitoring and off site support